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I'm Corentin, I'm 21 years old, I've been passionate about creativity since a young age, from drawing to graphics then to artisanal manufacturing. In 2022 I obtained the Brevet des Métiers d’Arts which allowed me to discover the world "Digital Machines" and all its possibilities.

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From Creativity to Craftsmanship with Ortur

Corentin's Journey

My Ortur Story

Being passionate about creation, I started looking on the internet at existing machines to make or even unique objects. I started by buying a cutting plotter, a 3D printer, a scroll saw then I said to myself that a machine was missing to work with wood!

By doing a long search on the internet I found the ideal machine 'laser cutting and engraving' Ortur appearing at the top of my searches directly convinced me: Attractive desktop laser,unbeatable price, easy to use and multitude of support.

The more I use the Ortur laser (Master 2 pro) the more satisfied and happy I am with the brand.I started by designing and making unique
items for home, family and friends. I told myself that it was the time to sell my creations so I opened an Etsy store at the end of 2021 (Idko Artisanat) which is currently my small success partly thanks to Ortur.

Ortur is a very good brand with an active community on Facebook which can answer all your questions. Customer service is responsive and close to its community, I had a problem with my laser module which was resolved in less than 2 weeks!

Also note that Ortur organizes numerous discounts and competitions of which I have already won ;)

Ortur is constantly evolving, offering sustainable quality products.

I wish the BEST for the future and THANK YOU ORTUR!

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