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My name is Lorena De Juan. I am 42 years old and for 5 years I have been dedicated to creating beautiful wooden products with my brand Mundo Virutas. My works are designed and created for your home, for your business, for your special day, for your pets...

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I use pine, oak and birch wood as raw materials. Additionally, I create beautiful custom designs using laser engraving machines. I have a workshop equipped with all types of electric and manual tools. All my products are handmade one by one.

In the beginning I personalized my products with vinyl and spray paint until I discovered laser engraving machines. I made my first major investment in purchasing "my first Ortur Master machine." I had previously been watching a lot of videos and heard very good reviews of the Ortur and decided that it should be the machine with which he will start creating wonderful things. Giving my clients, for example, a feeder for their pets, recording anything they wanted is a plus for my business. I understood that it was the right path.

Thanks to having my Ortur machine, I have the incentive to offer my clients a unique product, a plus that they value because they know that no one has that same product. Only them. Furthermore, with my Ortur I can cut templates of whatever comes to mind and then take it to my wood workshop and with my power tools copy it to thicker wood and the result is spectacular.

With the passage of time and a lot of "trial and error" I managed to master or almost master the engravings. I think it can always be improved. I evolved in my designs and management of parameters and Ortur did too. The new laser heads, for example, incorporate very precise and millimetric technologies. The metal tubes to adjust the height of the laser depending on what piece you are engraving, for me, were a great help, especially in my beginnings. In addition, the possibility of incorporating an air assistant makes the process cleaner and the range of possibilities is greater. Special mention for the technical service who have always assisted me as quickly as possible when I have had a technical problem or did not know how to fix a bug. People make the mark and having complete certainty that I will receive a response and always a solution even if I am more than 9000 kilometers away is very reassuring.

I must highlight that during times of increased work in my workshop, such as Christmas, I have run my Ortur machine for more than 6 hours straight and the result has always been exemplary.

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