5. Photo album function

  • The functions that can be implemented in the album interface are:
    1. Shooting: Users can click the photo button in the upper right corner to take photos and view the scene for engraving. The quality of photo shooting will affect the printing effect;
    2. Select photos: Users can view local photos on the current album page and freely select local photos for printing. After selection, they will directly enter the picture editing interface for the next engraving operation.
  1. Edit pictures
    1. Includes: adjustment (you can adjust the contrast, brightness, sharpening, and highlights of the picture); filters; stickers (click to jump to the album to select a new picture and paste it on the original picture); text (you can add text to the picture); cropping function .
    2. Users can make appropriate selections based on their needs on this page and click Next to enter the image preview interface.
  2. Picture preview
    1. Enter the preview interface: After the user selects images and other printing materials on the homepage, click Next to enter the preview interface;
    2. In the preview interface, the size and position adjustment interface is entered by default, and the size and position of the printed material can be edited accordingly;
    3. Click the image adjustment button to adjust the brightness, contrast, and sharpening of the printing material in this interface;
    4. After adjusting the preview page, you can also enter the engraving configuration interface, control interface and perform final engraving.
    • Material parameters
      1. Engraving parameter card. The data introduction of this parameter card is as follows: printing speed; laser power; engraving mode; material type; click to enter the parameter library.
      2. Engraving parameter configuration. Users can configure engraving parameters here.
      3. After the configuration is completed, you can enter the control interface, click Print in the upper right corner to enter the engraving progress interface, and the engraving machine officially enters the engraving work.
  • Confirm engraving(Click the engraving icon button on the upper right to pop up a prompt box)
    1. Check the focus work: accurate focus can bring better engraving results
    2. Checked: After checking that the focus is accurate, click the "Checked" button. Cancel to return to the preview interface and reset the parameters.
    • Select engraving method
      1. Start according to the preview layout position: you need to manually move the laser head position to the starting point of the device
      2. Starting from the laser module position: Set the laser head at this moment as the starting point of engraving (Note: This operation has the risk of overtravel or soft limit alarm, overtravel will cause equipment strain); you can click "Preview Range" to view the engraving area
      3. Number of engravings: used for repeated engraving, more widely used in cutting
    • Start by previewing layout position
      1. Click Next, the laser head will automatically reset to the picture position and start engraving;
      2. Preview range: Click the "Preview range" button, the laser head will walk through the position on the consumable according to the picture, please check the range
      3. Start engraving: Click the "Start Engraving" button, and the App will prompt a progress bar for uploading pictures.
    • Press the laser module position to start
      1. Click Next, the laser head will automatically start engraving the border of the picture;
      2. Preview range: Click the "Preview range" button, the user needs to confirm that the engraving range is within the effective stroke range and the machine does not collide;
      3. Start engraving: Click the "Start Engraving" button, and the App will prompt a progress bar for uploading pictures.
    • Carving progress
      1. After confirming the engraving process, you can enter the engraving progress interface
      2. Mainly displays the engraving machine status, engraving parameters, engraving laser head position, engraving progress bar, usage time and remaining time.
      3. Run button, stop button, pause button