Collaborative Vision

We hope to establish a truly in-depth partnership with social media and video bloggers through advertising collaboration.
We believe that through joint efforts, we can provide viewers with interesting, educational, and inspiring content while promoting the development of our products and technologies.
We pursue common brand success, meet customer needs, and achieve common prosperity for our partners and Ortur.

Highlights of cooperation


Product Innovation

Ortur's laser engraving machines, CNC engraving machines, and 3D printers represent the forefront of technology and innovation. By collaborating with us, you can share these eye-catching technologies, attract audiences, and involve them in future manufacturing and creative processes.

Customized cooperation

We understand that each blogger and video blogger has their own unique reputation and audience. Therefore, we are willing to provide customized cooperation plans based on the characteristics and needs of your audience to ensure that the cooperation activities are aligned with your brand and audience to the greatest extent possible.


Reciprocal relationship

We view our partners as a family. By collaborating with us, you will receive professional support and resources to ensure the success of your collaborative activities. At the same time, we hope to achieve common growth and success through joint cooperation.

About Father's Day

welcomes working with influential social media and video bloggers to jointly achieve their marketing and brand goals.
We believe that through cooperation, innovative products and technologies can be introduced to a wide audience, providing them with valuable experiences.
We firmly believe that advertising cooperation should be sincere, meaningful, and creative, aiming to establish a truly in-depth brand partnership.