Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and share your link or coupon on social platforms to promote our products. Earn a 10% commission on every order you refer and get paid for.

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Advertising Program

Welcomes working with influential social media and video bloggers to jointly achieve their marketing and brand goals.We believe that through cooperation, innovative products and technologies can be introduced to a wide audience, providing them with valuable experiences.

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Reseller Program

We offer a wide range of business cooperation opportunities, including distribution, wholesale, agency and partner programs. If you are interested in working with us, we are here to provide you with support and resources.

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Excellence and Innovation

We pursue excellence and encourage innovation to continuously improve the quality of products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers

Mutual benefit and trust

We firmly believe that long-term success can only be achieved through a cooperative relationship based on mutual trust and reciprocity. We are committed to building strong partnerships to overcome challenges and share results together

Customer Orientation

Our partners, like us, put their customers first. Together we focus on customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction by providing superior solutions

Open cooperation

We encourage open cooperation and actively seek new opportunities and partnerships. We believe that by working with partners in different fields, we can obtain innovative solutions and promote business growth

Industry leadership

We pursue leadership in the fields of laser engraving machines, CNC engraving machines and 3D printing, and hope to promote industry progress and development through joint efforts with partners

Social Responsibility

We adhere to social and environmental responsibilities and focus on sustainability and ethical management. Together with our partners, we are committed to sustainable business practices