Ortur Laser Master H10 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine

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Model: H10 LU2-4 SF (5.5W)
Plug Type: US
  • Preassembled engraver designed for your convenience.
  • Creative tiled X-axis construction to achieve high stability.
  • 20W super power with free air pump.
  • 0.01 engraving precision for 256 grayscale and 380+ colours engraving.
  • Use Ortur's APP start smart engraving & cutting.
  • 6 safety monitors accompany you throughout the working process.
  • 300*300mm engraving area suitable for desktop use and easy to carry outside.

What Ortur can bring to you?

Ortur, Crafted with Precision, Meticulously Caring for Each Laser Engraving Machine.

Path of Precision

Ortur, Crafting Excellence on the Laser Path. Unwavering in our pursuit of quality, delivering an outstanding laser engraving experience.

Guardian of Service

Ortur, Taking Responsibility for Every Customer. We don’t just sell products; we safeguard your trust and expectations.

Innovating Frontiers

Ortur, Constantly Exploring, Opening New Possibilities. Pioneering the frontier of laser engraving technology, offering limitless creative space.

Complete Ecosystem

Ortur, Complete Product Ecosystem, Ensuring Your Needs Without Worries. From equipment to accessories, we offer an all-in-one solution for an uninterrupted engraving journey.

A One-stop Solution For Ortur H10 Upgrades

Ortur Laser Master H10 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine
Ortur Laser Master H10 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine
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Ortur Laser Master H10

Everyone can have an ortur laser engraving and cutting machine

Powerful laser cutter composed with 4 diode lasers.

20W Truly Measurable Output

What One-Pass Cutting Can Do?

12mm Pine Cutting

8mm Plywood Cutting

8mm Black Acrylic Cutting

Double Cooling Fans

10,000 rpm dual fan cooling system ensures up to 10,000 hours service life.

Airflow Guided Blinds

Air-guided blind with built-in air tube enables self-cleaning inside module.

Quick Focus Stick

Equipped with quick focus stick for easy and convenient focus.

Laser Filtered Viewable Window

Glass laser shield filters 97% laser light for a safe working environment.

6 Reliable Monitoring Systems

Limit Speed 20000mm/min

Stable stepper motor, up to 720H non-stop limit test

Revolutionary Flat Type X-axis Design

Low center of gravity provides stunning stability at high speeds.

Industry Leading 0.01 mm Engraving Precision

Extremely fine engraved lines without fear to magnify any detail.

From Black & White to 380+ Colors

Use different parameters to bring different colors to stainless steel.

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Can it solve your problem?

Why the H10 20W is suitable for beginners?

✅ H10 20W comes in preassembled package - right outside the box.

✅ Work with Smart APP to make the operation easier.

✅ Free air assist included at no extra cost.

I am a experienced player, should I buy the H10 20W?

Of course.
Besides the convenient design, H10 equipped with 20W professional laser module, meeting most of the engraving & cutting needs.

What are the advantages of the flat structure?

With the innovative flat design, module's centre of gravity is lowered for more stability during movement, bringing ultra-high accuracy.

Can I change other modules on the H10?

Yes, H10 can be directly adapted to LU3-20A/B, LU2-10A, LU2-4SF/LF, LU2-2.

Which accessories are recommended for H10?

✅ The Air Assist Set and Engraving Platform are must-haves. Air Assist Set blows away the dust on the laser head, making your project clean without burn marks and protective lenses.

✅ Processing on honeycomb avoids laser shooting at your desk. 90% of users also order YRC1.0 for cylindrical processing, like tumbler engraving, Christmas ball crafting, and ring engraving.

✅ The H10 exclusive raiser (ORP1.0) is an essential assistant to the Y-Series rollers, and it can also be stacked indefinitely to engrave super-tall objects.

✅ Use indoors with Enclosure 2.0 and a smoke purifier to protect clean indoor air.

What is the difference between the LU3-20A and LU3-20B?

✅ LU3-20A packed with COS technology, which has the best cutting capacity in current Ortur modules.

✅ LU3-20B assembled with optical compression technology, which can handle the majority of thick materials

How many sets of H10 raisers should I usually have?

Normally, one set of H10 raiser is sufficient to fit all Y-series rollers of Ortur. However, if you need to engrave larger cylinders and spheres, or thicker, flat objects, you can purchase the raisers separately depending on their size and your needs.

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