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Ortur Laser Master H10

Beginner's first 20W Smart Desktop Engraver, start creating anytime, anywhere !
 Preassembled engraver designed for your convenience.
Creative flatten X-axis construction to achieve high stability 

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Good reviews  just from perfect products


Sarah Thompson

"This laser engraving machine is absolutely fantastic! I use it to create personalized gifts, and my customers love them. It's easy to operate, delivers amazing results, I wholeheartedly recommend it!"


Mark Anderson

"I purchased your laser engraving machine for my small workshop. From wood to leather, the engraving detail is superb, adding a unique taste and value to my products. Thank you so much for such an excellent product!"


Jessica Lee

"This laser engraving machine is incredibly practical! I use it for processing various materials, including metal and plastic, and the results are fantastic. Moreover, the customer service team is very professional, providing timely support and guidance for my usage."


Michael Rodriguez

"As a crafting enthusiast, I bought your laser engraving machine, and it allows me to effortlessly bring all my design ideas to life. Its precision and speed are astounding, making my creations stand out even more. Thank you for providing us with such a fantastic tool!"


Michael Rodriguez

"This laser engraving machine exceeded my expectations! I use it in my studio to create custom home decor, and each piece is truly stunning. Its ease of use and reliability leave me extremely satisfied, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my peers."


Michael Rodriguez

"As an entrepreneur, I've been searching for a high-performance laser engraving machine to help build my brand. This machine fits the bill perfectly – not only is it easy to operate, but the engraving results are incredibly crisp. I'm thrilled with the quality and appearance of my products; it's truly been a remarkable investment."

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