Ortur Laser Master H10 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine

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Model: SF 5.5W
Plug Type: US(110V)
  • Preassembled engraver designed for your convenience.
  • Creative tiled X-axis construction to achieve high stability.
  • 20W super power with free air pump.
  • 0.01 engraving precision for 256 grayscale and 380+ colours engraving.
  • Use Ortur's APP start smart engraving & cutting.
  • 6 safety monitors accompany you throughout the working process.
  • 300*300mm engraving area suitable for desktop use and easy to carry outside.
Model: SF 5.5W
Plug Type: US(110V)

Pre-Assembled Install in Seconds

What One-Pass Cutting Can Do?

Smart Chip Detection

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