Personal Introduction

Hi! My name is Valentina, I'm from Italy and I'm 32 years old, but I'm not alone in my laser cut journey. We are Little Mole Shop, a family team composed of me, my dad Franco, my mom Marina and my girlfriend Annalisa.

We are passionate about DIY and we love to spend our time together. We create laser cut objects as hobbyists and we sell our creations at local craft fairs.

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Little Mole Shop's Laser Journey with Ortur: CraftingDreams, Building Bonds

My Ortur Story

We were looking for a cheaper, but valid, laser machine because we wanted to create wooden projects and my dad discovered Ortur on the Internet. He saw a lot of videos, reviews and projects made with these laser machines.

We immediately fell in love with this brand and we bought our first Ortur laser Master 2 in August 2021. As soon as we saw the newer model, we replaced it in November 2021. It was the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 LF that we are still using.

We are extremely satisfied by our machines!They work extremely well combined with Lightburn software and we realized many wonderful projects with them. Both engraving and cut are clean, precise and easy to make. We work with different types of wood and we have never had an issue.

The majority of the projects are bought from other crafters on Etsy, but sometimes I create brand new designs. We upgraded the Pro one with an air compressor and some other little accessories and it works even better!

At craft fairs, people are always attracted by our booth and we receive a lot of compliments.

Ortur customer service is one of the best I've ever experienced. They are kind, competent and very fast. I will never replace Ortur with another brand.

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