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I'm Kévin Delval, I've been an SNCF Agent for 22 years. A handyman from a very young age, I already sneaked into my grandfather's workshop to make anything and everything, with a big preference for woodworking.

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Crafting Dreams with Precision: Kévin Delval's ArtisanalJourney with ORTUR

My Ortur Story

This passion grew in 2015 just before the birth of my second daughter, I made her a stuffed animal zoo with only 1 drill and 1 sander. I might as well tell you that since that moment, my tools have only multiplied, I currently have tools such as a Diy woodworking combo with 1 under-table saw, 1 under-table router, I have also 1 band saw, 1 scroll saw, 1 planer/jointer, 1 miter saw and many more…


As my knowledge became known, I had a few requests for designs that I wanted to sign, for this I created an Instagram and Facebook profile called “chips first”. The solution that quickly emerged was laser engraving. By carrying out research on the internet as well as on YouTube, the ORTUR brand caught my attention. Robust, reliable, precise and very popular brand, my choice was quick. So I bought an ORTUR laser master 2 S2 with a 5.5w module which I started using in January 2023. ORTUR's reputation was well founded, during this year, I must have designed close to a hundred projects, tree of life, portrait, coat of arms, engraving on glasses, mirror, door plates, I can even make templates that I use for carpentry and cabinetmaking, I have had no breakdowns, no problems with it this material! In view of the rapid evolution of technologies, I quickly purchased a 10w laser module, the LU2-10a. Since then, my laser creations have multiplied, as have the orders.


I haven't yet explored all the possibilities of the machine but I intend to take the time to do so. I also know that the numerous tutorials made available by ORTUR will help me!

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