Personal Introduction

Hello, my name is Pierre and I have been working in the car industry for 25 years and I am passionate about DIY and machines.

Pierre Poinsignon’s Ins Account

Crafting Excellence with Ortur Laser Engravers

My Ortur Story

I bought my first Ortur 10W with extension in January 2023 and since September 2023 I have bought my new Ortur 20W, so I work with
two lasers and I have recently become a craftsman.

I didn't hesitate for long to buy Ortur because of the quality of the products and I'm really satisfied. I searched for a long time to buy reliable equipment and looked at many tests on the internet. Since then, I've done a lot of projects with my two machines. They are accurate, innovative, fast and easy to maintain. Customer service is very responsive, I have contacted Ortur 3 times and each time I have received a reply.

My Creative Work

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