Personal Introduction

My name is Grégory HENSGEN, I am 48 years old, I am a salesperson in my first

I created my micro business in 2022 and invested in a CNC for multiple creations, I immediately saw that a laser engraver would be a complement to the manufacturing of my creations.

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Journey with Ortur

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My Ortur Story

Looking through websites and social media discussion groups, I immediately saw that ORTUR was an interesting engraver brand. After discussions with different users, I opted for an OLM3. I was already imagining my future creations like bottle openers, presentation boards or boxes for birthdays by EX.

Ortur allows me to make creations in small series or even better to personalize my creations in order to make them unique. When I received my OLM3 engraver from ORTUR, I immediately proceeded with the assembly which is very simple to carry out. I use Lightburn to do my engraving
and cutting.

After a few adjustments, an update, it was time for a first engraving. the quality and ease of use made me immediately feel at ease with this new technology in my workshop. The different Tutorials have made me progress and also allow me to test new materials or designs to engrave.

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