OLM3LE Firmware Release

  • ESP_OLM3LE_209_230203
      1. Release Date: 03 February 2023
      2. Version: V209
      3. Update information:
        • Fixed the bug that printing in G20 imperial units appeared skewed.
        • Problem:
          When using G20 (inch unit) in LightBurn, there is an image tilt phenomenon
          In motion control, it will check whether the movement of the equipment exceeds the stroke. In
          order to solve the limit alarm problem caused by the cumulative error of the floating point number
          in the G91 (relative value coordinate calculation) mode, the rounding algorithm is used in the limit
          algorithm. Use The precision of the floating point number of the coordinate value of G20 is 0.0001,
          The coordinate value floating point precision of G21 is 0.001, and the coordinate value precision of
          G20 is lost due to the rounding algorithm.
          Solution: Rounding Algorithms Add one digit (total 4) of precision.
      4. Note: Oficial Release version
      5. Download Link: ESP_OLM3LE_209_230203.zip