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User Manual
Laser Module User Manual

The laser module user manual is an instruction manual that details the functions, installation and use of different laser module for the engraving machine.

  1. OLMH10-LU2-4-SF-UserManual-en-de-fr-231016
  2. OLMH10-LU2-4-LF-UserManual-en-de-fr-231016
  3. OLMH10-LU2-10B-UserManual-en-de-fr-231016
  4. OLMH10-LU3-20B-UserManual-en-de-fr-231016
Software Guide

The software guide is to be compatible with more operating systems and devices. Here you can download the software, learn the operation, and obtain parameters.

  • Inspiraesth 
      1. Support OS:IOS、Android
      2. Support Machines:OLM3 LE、OLM3、OLM H10
      3. APK Download Link:
      4. User Manual Download Link:Inspiraesth_UserManual_231214.pdf
    • LightBurn 
      1. Support OS:Windows、Mac OS、Linux
      2. Support Machines:All Ortur laser engraving machines
      3. Download Link:LightBurn Download link
    • LaserGRBL 
      1. Support OS:Windows from XP to Win 11
      2. Support Machines:All Ortur laser engraving machines
      3. Download Link:LaserGRBL Download link 


      Firmware Release

      In some circumstances, a firmware update is required to improve the Ortur machine performance or fix discovered issues. In some less common situations, a firmware upgrade might be required to clear issues caused by user error. 

      • ESP_OLM3LE_209_230203
          1. Release Date: 03 February 2023
          2. Version: V209
          3. Update information:
            • Fixed the bug that printing in G20 imperial units appeared skewed.
            • Problem:
              When using G20 (inch unit) in LightBurn, there is an image tilt phenomenon
              In motion control, it will check whether the movement of the equipment exceeds the stroke. In
              order to solve the limit alarm problem caused by the cumulative error of the floating point number
              in the G91 (relative value coordinate calculation) mode, the rounding algorithm is used in the limit
              algorithm. Use The precision of the floating point number of the coordinate value of G20 is 0.0001,
              The coordinate value floating point precision of G21 is 0.001, and the coordinate value precision of
              G20 is lost due to the rounding algorithm.
              Solution: Rounding Algorithms Add one digit (total 4) of precision.
          4. Note: Oficial Release version
          5. Download Link:
        Firmware Instructions

        The firmware Instructions Here are the firmware installation and operation instructions.

        • ESP_OLM3LE_209_230203
        Download and unzip this file please

        Extract zip file into desktop.
        Inside it, you will see a .bin file

        Now with your machine connected via USB to your computer.
        Tap the reset button once to turn off your ORTUR

        Then do this sequence carefully:

        PRESS and hold the reset button on the back of the motherboard. Do not release
        Count 3 seconds
        PRESS also and hold the power button. Do not release
        Count to 3 seconds
        Release Reset Button
        Count 1 second
        Release Power Button

        Now your computer will show an ORTUR UPDATE drive – almost as if you had inserted a USB thumb drive
        Copy the bin file we extracted earlier into the drive and allow the machine to do its update operation
        It will take 30-60 seconds and the machine will home again

        Reconnect to LightBurn or LaserGRBL – in the console type where it says (Type commands here) or (Type GCode here)
        The machine will respond with
        [MSG: restoring defaults]

        At this point, you should be ready to use the device.
        Note: your wifi settings if you had them will need to be done again


        Can it solve your problem?

        Why the H10 20W is suitable for beginners?

        ✅ H10 20W comes in preassembled package - right outside the box.

        ✅ Work with Smart APP to make the operation easier.

        ✅ Free air assist included at no extra cost.

        I am a experienced player, should I buy the H10 20W?

        Of course.
        Besides the convenient design, H10 equipped with 20W professional laser module, meeting most of the engraving & cutting needs.

        What are the advantages of the flat structure?

        With the innovative flat design, module's centre of gravity is lowered for more stability during movement, bringing ultra-high accuracy.

        Can I change other modules on the H10?

        Yes, H10 can be directly adapted toLU3-20A/B, LU2-10A, LU2-4SF/LF, LU2-2.

        Which accessories are recommended for H10?

        ✅ The Air Assist Set and Engraving Platform are must-haves. Air Assist Set blows away the dust on the laser head, making your project clean without burn marks and protective lenses.

        ✅ Processing on honeycomb avoids laser shooting at your desk. 90% of users also order YRC1.0 for cylindrical processing, like tumbler engraving, Christmas ball crafting, and ring engraving.

        ✅ The H10 exclusive raiser (ORP1.0) is an essential assistant to the Y-Series rollers, and it can also be stacked indefinitely to engrave super-tall objects.

        ✅ Use indoors with Enclosure 2.0 and a smoke purifier to protect clean indoor air.

        What is the difference between the LU3-20A and LU3-20B?

        ✅ LU3-20A packed with COS technology, which has the best cutting capacity in current Ortur modules.

        ✅ LU3-20B assembled with optical compression technology, which can handle the majority of thick materials

        How many sets of H10 raisers should I usually have?

        Normally, one set of H10 raiser is sufficient to fit all Y-series rollers of Ortur. However, if you need to engrave larger cylinders and spheres, or thicker, flat objects, you can purchase the raisers separately depending on their size and your needs.

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