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My name is Laurent, I have managed L’atelier Cévenol since 2012, we make artisanal creations in wood. I bought my first laser engraver to mark my logo on our creations. And over time, I started to want to try new things with the laser. But I was very quickly stuck in terms of dimensions and power.

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Elevating Artisanal Woodwork with Ortur Laser Master Pro 2

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My Ortur Story

Subsequently, I adapted a laser to a CNC that we had, the result was mixed... I had no possibility of power variations during the work, and still not enough power for cutting . So I did some research to acquire a“real”laser engraver…. And I discovered the Laser Master Pro 2 from the ORTUR brand... which had the best quality/price ratio.

Since I have been working with the LMP2 Ortur, I have been able to learn new working techniques, such as cutting cardboard, plywood, and solid wood, the one I prefer to cut is chestnut... I have discovered different kinds of engravings, and on materials that I would not have thought of like slate, stainless steel…. This engraver allowed me to offer a new range of products, and I was able to reach new people.

My overall experience with Ortur is very positive. I had to contact after-sales service once, for a problem with the 12V transformer, I sent them an email with a short video showing the problem, by return email I was asked to confirm my postal address, the new transformer was delivered within the week.

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