Personal Introduction

This is Christian Golser, born in 1982 in Salzburg / Austria. In my profession I’m an ICU–nurse, who started woodworking approximately in 2015.

Christian Golser’s Ins Account

A Nurse's Journey into Woodworking

Empowering Artistry

My Ortur Story

In Austrias first Covid–lockdown 2020 I bought a lathe and began woodturning in my tiny workshop. Originally it was just distraction from stress and ill people. By the time my projects got a lot fans and so I founded “Holzkunst_kunstvoll”–my little start-up.

It didn´t take long until I searched for some “Upgrades” for my projects. I was looking for a professional way to sign my products. That’s how I came across Ortur. Of course, I knew that I will use the laser for many more possibilities than just signing.

Engraving salt- and pepper-mills, charcuttery-boards and candle-plates, lasercutting puzzles and engraving stainless steel for my trademark, my Laser master 2 was always a reliable support.

Now I’m working on board games and some toys.

Once again Laser-engraving increases versatility and professionalism in my product diversity.

Using LightBurn in combination with the LaserMaster2 makes is possible to start from first steps up to professional use.

My Creative Work

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