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Hi, my name is Lukáš, I'm 37 years old and I work under the name LukiWood. Working with wood is very enjoyable and fulfilling for me.

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Crafting Dreams with Ortur Laser Master 3

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My Ortur Story

I have always liked wooden products, massive furniture, various decorations and the like. I started this hobby of mine in 2021.

The beginnings were difficult, I didn't have many machines for production, but gradually I bought everything and built my own tiny workshop where I spend a lot of time. I recently came across pictures and videos of your laser machine, I was very interested. I knew absolutely nothing about it, so I watched a lot of videos on how it works and decided to buy the Ortur laser master 3.

There were a lot of positive reviews about your brand, so I didn't even hesitate to buy something else. As soon as your product arrived, I had to test it and I was very satisfied. I learn to improve every day and your products are really the best on the market.

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